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Needleton, Colorado - Mile Post 484 - Elevation 8293-ft

Needleton was originally located at mile post 482.31 where a station was located until it washed away in 1927. The Denver and Rio Grande finally reached Needleton on June 14, 1882. Before the railroad, Needleton was an important stage stop for prospectors venturing out into the surrounding mountains. Needleton had a post office from May of 1882 until January of 1919.

After the floods of 1927, a siding was built further north at mile post 484. Today, a flag stop is provided for hikers, and fishermen who want to enjoy the Animas Canyon. A little further north, at mile milepost 484.4, you will find one of the last of two remaining wooden water tanks on the Durango and Silverton. The Needleton Tank hasn't been in service since the 1960's. An old tank car body is located 200 feet north of the old tank. A reservoir is located up on the hill that keeps the tank car full of water for passing trains.

Needleton Photo Gallery

s95-6-71_needleton_tank.jpg - 15139 Bytes Needleton Tank - Milepost 484.4

This old wooden tank hasn't been used since the 1960's. This tank and the one at Hermosa are the only surviving tanks on the Durango and Silverton.


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Needleton Tank
December 1993 (104k)

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Needleton Tank
December 1993 (104k)

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