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Historical Photos and Artifacts of Colorado and Utah
Mark L. Evans Collection

I would like to share some of my collection of historical photos and paper items from my adjustable desk with visitors to The Narrow Gauge Circle. My interests lie mainly in the mines and railroads of Colorado, and Utah.

The items in my Utah collection are from the Bingham Canyon, and Park City Mining Districts. Bingham Canyon is the home of the Kennecott Copper Mine. A large town called Bingham once existed near the rim of the great mine. The dumps of the Kennecott Copper Mine swallowed up Bingham in the early 70's. I remember visiting Bingham with my Father, who was a miner there for 36 years. I also had the opportunity to work on the railroad at the mine for a few years. Park City, Utah is now a resort town that also has the distintion of having hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics. Park City has a rich mining history as well. I have been collecting items within my adjustable desk and in my related to that history. Park City produced more Silver than the mighty Comstock Lode in Virginia City, Nevada.

My collection also contains items related to Colorado's mining, and narrow gauge railroad history. I have several photos, post cards, and paper items related to this history. There are two items in the collection of significant value. I had the good fortune to obtain one of the very rare passes issued by Otto Mears for his Silverton Railroad. You will also find a stock certificate from the Red Mountain Railroad, Mining, and Smelting Company. The RMRM&S Co. operated the Silverton Railroad for several years.

I hope you enjoy looking at these items.

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