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Montrose Colorado - 1941

Montrose was an important transportation hub for those living in Western Colorado. Settlers where in Montrose as early as 1870 but did not official settle until 1881. The Denver and Rio Grande arrived in 1882. Montrose is located between Grand Junction and Ridgway. The large yard in Montrose was both standard and narrow gauge. Much of the freight generated on the RGS was sent through Montrose and on to Denver or Salt Lake City.

I've chosen to represent Montrose as a hidden staging area and reverse loop. This will allow me to route freight to and from the DRGW 3rd Division. The reverse loop will be directly over top of the lower level return loop, which represents Ophir, Rico and points South. I'll use the same electronics to auto-route the turnouts on the reverse loop. I may install some kind of camera to allow operators to see trains in the staging area.

Montrose 2D Plan
2D Plan of Montrose (click for larger image)